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Who we are

Tagz Asia Pacific has its headquarters in Singapore delivering the Splan products across the Asia Pacific region. Splan specialises in providing next generation cloud software check-in solutions for Visitors, Events and Schools. Both Tagz and Splan are committed to delivering the most innovative security solutions, that are cost effective, easy to use, enterprise-centric, web-based and offers a mobile KIOSK solution that takes care of all your secure check-in and personal tracking needs. At Tagz, we provide in person service, manage your account, handhold you through the process to ensure that you get the best out of every feature you have. Should you need a bit of customisation to make Splan work better for you,

Tagz is here to get that done.

We endeavour to extend business automation solutions that simplify processes, save time and cost and improve people’s experiences.


TAGZ Services


Allows users to check-in/out through mobile kiosk with Biometric / QRCode / PIN / RFID / IRIS modes.


Allows pre/registrations through online web interface or mobile application. System triggers the customized workflow and securely validates against watch-list/database in the registrations process and alerts the hosts accordingly.

 TAGZ services


Allows user to make the payments using Mobile apps / Kiosk/ Web App and sends notifications and reminders for such transactions.


Provides centralized reporting and dashboard across locations for enterprise. Empowers businesses with security and compliance reporting.

TAGZ Visitor Management Solutions

TAGZ Visitor Management Solutions

Modernize your visitor management system and improve security with Splan delivering an intelligent and fully automated Next Generation Visitor Management Solution for all offices and buildings.  

It is a smarter way to manage visitor check in/out increasing security and safety. With its ability to scan the Singapore NRIC, Singapore or US Driving License, Singapore Employment Pass Card, it’s a quick and easy way to record visitor information digitally and print customized badges. A cost effective solution that improves every visitor experience.

Enables Pre-Registrations for visitors using online registration or mobile app. Helps organizations to securely validate visitors, print badges and escort check-in. Splan supports and integrates with Active Directory, Physical Access Controls and Background Check Databases.

Visitor Management

Self Service KIOSK & Mobile App

Registration should be easy & fast for your guests. Self Service KIOSK Allows guests to register and check-in/out of facilities with a less time-consuming, very much user friendly interfaces.

Visitor Management

Registration & Check-Ins

Administrators / lobby managers manage registrations, Allows lobby manager to make check-in’s and badge printing with automated pre-clearance.

Visitor Management

Access Controls and Reporting

Integrates with leading Access Controls and Third party system, Provides centralized secure and compliance reporting.

school management

TAGZ School Management Solutions

Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment, advancement in technology bring student achievement levels up to evolving standards, make curriculum changes, balance reporting and administrative procedures, and the list goes on. Get peace of mind by using Splan Check-In solution, which helps you maintain your student and staff’s Check-in and Check-out records electronically at an affordable cost. Never again worry about losing the Check-in/out sheets or preparing for audits. Splan Check-In solution is the leading provider of School Check-In/Out software and comes with real-time email and SMS alerts, parents’ experience can be vastly improved by addressing their security and safety concerns  

For all schools, day cares, music schools, dance schools, any school, even pet schools/grooming centres, whenever you need to check in/out with ease and security.

school management

Manage Registration

Student Registration are made easy. It is easy to register students at the self service kiosk, Online. Pre-registrations, Open house, lead generation can be converted to student registration upon confirmation.

school management

Student, Staff Check-In

Staff and Students can check-in/out using Splan self service kiosk. Parents get notified by Email/SMS when the child is checked-in or checked-out of the school.

School management

Tracking and Reporting

School Administrators are empowered with reports and dashboards to effectively manage the school operations. Many exciting reports include, Time and Attendance, Billing, Payments, compliance reports, preparing on-demand reports, Provides effective communication with staff and parents.

Event management

TAGZ Event Management Solutions

Splan is a leader in event management, online event registration, Event Check-In, payment and Event mobile app with large number of growing system users. Splan modernizes the traditional event management with simple to use, cost effective with pay-as-go model for planners and they can more efficiently find venues, plan events, manage attendees, analyze their events registrations/attendance, and much more.

Manage Events

Event Registration is easier than before. Manage all of your events from Splan Mobile App and it is easy to register guests at the door, online, before the event, and by integrating with Eventbrite or import/export events and guests.

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Manage Attendees

Allows event organizers to import/export guests, print badges, check-in/out, track attendees, send notifications, live updates, and session tracking. Using Self Service KIOSK, Mobile App, RFID badges, QR Code, PIN based check-in/out avoids guests standing in the line to check-in.

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Manage Reports & Dashboards

Event Organizers are empowered to manage the guests, track the attendance, preparing on-demand reports, effecive communication with guests and partners. Event Analytics provides complete overview of past-current-future events, event dashboards, registration and attendee trending, billing and more.

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Hands on, personal and collaborative. At Tagz, we look to partner with you in making your business smoother and easier. That means, working with us, you get our 100% attention and accountability in ensuring the products meet your needs.  

We don’t just sell you the product, we check in with you often, ensure that the Splan product meets your needs and tweak them ever so often to ensure they continually improve.

When you sign up with Tagz, know you’ll not only get an awesome product, but also Tagz’s attention to service.

Flexible & Modern Design
Flexible & Modern Design

Easy to use, configurable, self-service KIOSK, Mobile Apps enable to customize for your business needs.

Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Very affordable and cloud based subscription allows you to cut down the cost significantly.

Integrated Platform
Integrated Platform

One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

Excellent Support
Excellent Support

Highly talented, dedicated, passionate support engineers are commited to your success. 24/7 support, proactive monitoring and support gives you peace of mind.