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Splan Visitor Management System is an effective, efficient and easy way to manage visitors to your business. In just a few simple steps, your visitors can quickly and securely register their arrivals and departures.

Company staff will receive an instant text or email notification when their visitor has arrived, or a delivery from a courier has been made. Visitors can pre-register for online prior to their meeting. With information captured in the cloud, security has never been more important with encrypted data and transfers. Secure your office yet your lobby remains inviting to your visitors. Free up the resources of your receptionist and provide couriers with QR Code tags to streamline the process.

Splan Visitor Management System works for building security as well. No more long queues at the security desk. No more identity cards or driving licenses left at the counter. No more lost lift cards, our systems can interact with most barrier or lift systems to ensure only visitors who have registered may proceed to lifts. With self service kiosks, empower visitors to complete the sign in registration process themselves.

Be it for a small or large office, or for a building, Splan Visitor Management System meets all your needs with our in-depth features.

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Cloud Hosted Solution

Being a web based solution there is no required installation nor maintenance required. You can access the information of your visitors, or pre-register a visitor visit from wherever and whenever with proper access credentials.


Self Service Kiosk

Be it an office lobby or a building lobby, the self service kiosk empowers visitors to self register and frees up resources today that act on behalf doing the registration process. Splan Visitor Management works to integrate with barrier or lift systems.


Customise Your Form

Capture the information you need by customising the form to your exact needs. In addition to the form, you can customise the screen and site to reflect your company with rotating wallpaper and logos.


Scan a QR Code

You can use the system to scan a QR code for staff sign in/out. In addition, you may provide tags with a QR code to couriers and other delivery folks for easier repeated access to building and also office – provides for quick notification of arrival.


Privacy of Information

Your visitor information is kept private and secure, no more handwritten logs, no more forgetting one’s IC. With Trust & Safety as Splan’s key priority, data is encrypted at all times including during transfers.



You can manage events and invite guests / visitors with pre-registration or onsite registration, check-in/out, send notifications to guests/host. Event coordinates love the Mobile App because it helps them manage any size of the events with smile.

Pre-Register your Visitors

Pre-register visitors through our online web interface or mobile application. As soon as visitors are registered, the system will trigger the workflow to complete the background checks/clearance against a watch list or identity databases. Pre-print the badges before or as soon as the visitor arrives at the lobby. Splan Visitor Management empowers the employees to manage any change to the visitor information or schedules without calling the front desk or waiting in the line.



Sponsers get notified when visitor arrives and check-in.

When a visitor signs in, Splan will immediately notify their host via email, SMS, phone call with their name, photo and other details. Notifications are configurable with the visitor pre-registration, sign-in/out, escort sign in.

Driver's License, Singapore
NRIC & EP Scanning

For new visitor registration, the process to obtain details can be very quick with the ability to scan the Singapore NRIC, EP or Driver’s License. The necessary information can be printed on a customisable badge for easy identification. To ensure you have the latest picture, the inbuilt scanner on the self service kiosk empowers your visitor to self register.

Visitors Drivers
Access Controls

Access Controls

Splan visitor allow customers to extend the integration with physical access control systems to issue the visitor badges that can be used to open the doors at the facilities. PACS integration provides extra layer of security for visitors to know who was in the building at any given period of time

Security Clearance and Watch-List

Many organizations faces challenges today in dealing with high risk visitors, not knowing their background when they arrive in the lobby. Splan Visitor Management integrates with 3rd party security clearance systems, databases and watch lists, for visitor background check verifications, which are done before they arrive.

Security Clearance

Reports & Dashboards

Visitor Analytics and Dashboards enable security administrators to manage visitors more efficiently. Many out of the box reports including pre-registered visitors, VIP list, Watch-List, previously visited visitors, visitor trending, escorted visitors, visitors by location, NDA signed and more. Adhoc Report designer will help you create and customize the reports you need.

  • Standard

  • $179 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  • SGD
  •   Unlimited Visitor Registration
  •   Pre Registration
  •   Capture Photos
  •   Capture NDA
  •   Print Badges
  •   QR code Sign-In
  •   Kiosk Support*
  •   Reports & Dashboard
  •   Lobby Ambassador View
  •   Standard Support
  • Get Now!
  • Premium

  • $299 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  • SGD
  •   Standard Features Included
  •   NRIC,EP & DL Scanning
  •   Form Customization
  •   Badge Template Designer
  •   Centralized Visitor Management
  •   Multi Language Support
  •   Event Management
  •   Watch/VIP List
  •   Integrates with your Guest Wifi
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  • Advanced

  • $499 /Per Lobby /Per Month

  • SGD
  •   Premium Features Included
  •   Access Control Integration*
  •   Employee Directory Integration
  •   secured online storage
  •   Background &Criminal Records Check*
  •   Asset Management
  •   Integration with External Reporting Software
  •   Premium Support
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Who we are

Choose Your Hardware or Buy Your Own

All great systems require some hardware.

At Tagz , we have scouted the global market for hardware options for your consideration. There will be some hardware that is required on an absolute basic minimum that we would recommend you have and then we have also included the more posh and grand looking designs that we have found which you may like should your budget allow for it.

We have checked for functionality and quality for all our recommendations but we prefer to leave you to decide how swanky you would like them and work within those budgets and also within your needs

Who we are

Hardware RecommendedContact us for more details

You’re definitely going to need an iPad Air or several (depending on how many lobby’s you are catering to)
Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Air2 with Retina Display
From SG$568
You’re definitely going to need a kiosk but we have options for you. Here are the desktop options, perfect for a desk configuration area at your lobby. Some prices are in USD as they need to be ordered and shipped in from the US.
Mobius secure desk stand for iPad Air in Landscape
and Portrait Orientation without scanner
Mobius secure desk stand for iPad Air in Landscape
and Portrait Orientation with scanner for NRIC, EP, SG Drivers Licence
Heckler Design
Heckler Design secure desk stand for iPad Air in
Landscape and Portrait Orientation
Lilitab Desk Kiosk without scanner
From SG$950
Lilitab Desk Kiosk with scanner for NRIC, EP, SG Drivers Licence
From SG$1500

There are floor standing kiosk options available should you prefer – perfect for both office reception area and building lobby entrance.
Lilitab Floorstand
Lilitab Floorstand Kiosk without scanner
From SG$1350
Lilitab Floorstand Kiosk with scanner for NRIC, EP, SG Drivers Licence
From SG$1800

Heckler Design Floorstand
Heckler Design Floorstand Kiosk without scanner

Brother QL-710W Label Printer
High-speed Label Printer with Wi-Fi Only (white)
From SG$350
Brother QL
Brother QL-720NW Label Printer
High-speed Label Printer with Built-in Ethernet
and Wi-Fi (black)
From SG$380
In terms of securing the kiosk down, we can bolt it to the table for the Mobius kiosk, for the Heckler Design & Lilitab kiosks you can consider these options .
Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock

Pivot Table
PivotTable for Windfall (Heckler Design)


Hands on, personal and collaborative. At Tagz, we look to partner with you in making your business smoother and easier. That means, working with us, you get our 100% attention and accountability in ensuring the products meet your needs.  

We don’t just sell you the product, we check in with you often, ensure that the Splan product meets your needs and tweak them ever so often to ensure they continually improve.

When you sign up with Tagz, know you’ll not only get an awesome product, but also Tagz’s attention to service.

Flexible & Modern Design

Easy to use, configurable, self-service KIOSK, Mobile Apps enable to customize for your business needs.

Cost Effective

Very affordable and cloud based subscription allows you to cut down the cost significantly.

Integrated Platform

One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

Excellent Support

Highly talented, dedicated, passionate support engineers are commited to your success. 24/7 support, proactive monitoring and support gives you peace of mind.