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Splan Check In is a smarter way to manage school check-in/out with enhanced security. It has the ability to manage staff attendance and visitor visits as well as school events. Both Splan and Tagz are committed to deliver the most innovative safety and security solutions, which are cost effective and easy to use.  

Schools face many challenges in today’s ever-changing education environment, advancement in technology; bring student achievement levels up to evolving standards; make curriculum changes; balance reporting and administrative procedures and the list goes on.

With Splan Check In never again worry about losing the Check-in/out sheets or preparing for the audits. Splan Check-In solution is the leading provider of School Check-in/out software and comes with the Kiosk. This is developed for specific needs of preschools. With real-time email and SMS alerts, parents’ experience can be vastly enhanced and can also address security and safety concerns.

Improve parent-teacher interaction and effective communication using the messaging feature. School Administrators can run reports for check-in/out times for students and staff. Valuable reports are easily accessible anytime and can be automatically emailed on a daily/weekly basis.

 For all schools, day cares, music schools, dance schools, any school, even pet schools/grooming centres, whenever you need to check in/out with ease and security.

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Digitisation of Student Records

Maintain all records electronically, there is no more need for paper files. With this, you can access student details from anywhere, anytime with the proper credentials. In the unlikely event of an emergency, it makes retrieval of records speedier and easier.


Student/Staff Check In-Out

Track the complete check in/out times of students and staff. For staff, calculate with ease their hours, for hourly payroll. With this collated information at your fingertips, you can analyse trends and make the right decisions for your business


Email/SMS Notification

We have various forms of notifications available and these can be enabled for parents. Types included are check in/out as well as teacher to parent communication. Monthly newsletters can be sent with the system


Collaboration & Communication

You can use the system to scan a QR code for staff sign in/out. In addition, you may provide tags with a QR code to couriers and other delivery folks for easier repeated access to building and also office – provides for quick notification of arrival.


Electronic Billing/Record Payments

We have the ability to send monthly invoices to parents. Record of these payments and also send receipts. We have a centralised billing. In fact, you can maintain all other fees, such as excursions or extra curricular activity fees.


Autopay For Parents

Make like simpler and with our autopay feature, we have the capability for parents to pay online. Register just once and pay monthly. The system will send the monthly receipts notification.


Online Student Registration

Go green by reducing paperwork! All registration forms can be online which gives parents the flexibility to fill them at their convenience. It provides for the ability for the review of the process and Administrators to ensure the correct Forms are used.


Waitlist For Students

It’s an awesome position for a business to have a waitlist and with our automation waitlist feature, ensure you never lose a prospective student. We can capture potential clients at the kiosk and convert these to enrolled active students by maintaining an activity trail.


Reports & Dashboard

Available 24/7, there are a good number of comprehensive reports and dashboards available out of the box. All reports are exportable to CSV format. Should you need a customised report, it’s a simple process to generate one!


Visitors & Events Management

Keep track of all visitors to your premises! Should you have hosted events, school functions, use our system to manage visitors with a simple check in/out process.


Cloud & Low TCO

This is a cloud hosted solution, there is no installation, no maintenance of programs or platforms required. If you have several centres, you can access all of them from anywhere, anytime with proper credentials.


Kiosk Options

Our standard option is a small, simple tag with a QR code on it, but should you forget that, we have the backup PIN login that each parent will have. In addition, we have fob key and biometric options as well!

  • Standard

  • $1.50 /Per Student /Per Month

  • SGD
  •   Kiosk with iPad***
  •   Students Sign In/Out
  •   Staff Sign In/Out-Time & Attendance
  •   Email Notification
  •   SMS Notification ***
  •   Online Enrollment For New Students
  •   Reports & Dashboard
  •   Messaging Between Parents & Teachers
  •   Newsletter
  •   Support (24/5)
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  • Premium

  • $2.50 /Per Student /Per Month

  • SGD
  •   Standard Features Included
  •   Documents & Repository
  •   Allergy & Immunisation Records
  •   Multiple Locations/Centers
  •   Advance Online Identity
  •   Billing & Payment Processing
  •   Autopay(ACH)***
  •   Quickbooks Integration***
  •   Prospective Parents Registration
  •   Visitors
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  • Advanced

  • Call Us /For Pricing

  • SGD
  •   Premium Features Included
  •   Event Management
  •   Door Lock/Access Control***
  •   School Website Design & Hosting
  •   Centralise Reporting
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Choose Your Hardware or Buy Your Own

All great systems require some hardware.

At Tagz, we have scouted the global market for hardware options for your consideration. For School Management, the hardware required is simply three things – an iPad Air, a Kiosk and the QR coded tags. We have included the simple to the more posh and grand looking designs that we have found which you may like should your budget allow for it.

We have checked for functionality and quality for all our recommendations but we prefer to leave you to decide how swanky you would like them and work within those budgets and also within your needs.

Certainly if you have your own hardware, there is no necessity to purchase. If you need help figuring out which hardware you should acquire, simply let us know and we’ll work out the solution with you.


Who we are

Hardware RecommendedContact us for more details

You’re definitely going to need an iPad Air or several depending on your school administrative needs
Apple iPad Air2 with Retina Display
From SG$568
You’re definitely going to need a kiosk but we have options for you. Here are the desktop options, perfect for a desk configuration area at your lobby. Some prices are in USD as they need to be ordered and shipped in from the US.
Who we are
Mobius secure desk stand for iPad Air in Landscape
and Portrait Orientation without scanner
Mobius secure desk stand for iPad Air in Landscape
and Portrait Orientation with scanner for NRIC, EP, SG Drivers Licence
Heckler Design
Heckler Design secure desk stand for iPad Air in Landscape
and Portrait Orientation
Lilitab Desk Kiosk without scanner
From SG$950

In terms of securing the kiosk down, we can bolt it to the table for the Mobius kiosk, for the Heckler Design & Lilitab kiosks you can consider these options.
Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock
From SG$80

Pivot Table
PivotTable for Windfall (Heckler Design)

These small tags are assigned to each person associated with the child and at 11mm x 1mm x 5 mm, they both convenient to the parent to have and ensure you know who has checked in-out the child at all times
QR Code
QR Code Tags
SG$2 each
reusable subject to wear and tear


Hands on, personal and collaborative. At Tagz, we look to partner with you in making your business smoother and easier. That means, working with us, you get our 100% attention and accountability in ensuring the products meet your needs.  

We don’t just sell you the product, we check in with you often, ensure that the Splan product meets your needs and tweak them ever so often to ensure they continually improve.

When you sign up with Tagz, know you’ll not only get an awesome product, but also Tagz’s attention to service.

Flexible & Modern Design

Easy to use, configurable, self-service KIOSK, Mobile Apps enable to customize for your business needs.

Cost Effective

Very affordable and cloud based subscription allows you to cut down the cost significantly.

Integrated Platform

One solution for managing Visitors, Events, School Check-In and Tracking.

Excellent Support

Highly talented, dedicated, passionate support engineers are commited to your success. 24/7 support, proactive monitoring and support gives you peace of mind.